CA4N - Smallest Cam Switch
The world's smallest cam switch

History of Kraus & Naimer

Since the Beginning of 1907, Kraus & Naimer's Strategy has been Innovation and Customer Service.

Today, Kraus & Naimer employs some 900 people worldwide and manu­factures around 4.3 Million switches per annum. The world's smallest cam switch has been designed according to the motto "We made it better, now let's make it even better".

Kraus & Naimer's global leadership is based on our products delivering the highest possible technical standard, uncompromising quality and our international presence. Qualified engineering and customer support consultancy, local stock and on-site assembly facilities guarantee quick and competent service.




Between 1968 and 1970 an additional production facility was built in Weikersdorf, some 40 miles south of Vienna, and in 1989/1990 a state-of-the-art assembly facility was added; in 2013 the facility was roughly doubled in size.

Head Office Vienna

Wien, Schumanngasse

Factory Weikersdorf


  Since 1960, six more manufacturing sites
were built around the world:

Kraus & Naimer-Factory Germany

Kraus & Naimer Produktion GmbH,
Karlsruhe, Germany, est'd 1962

Kraus & Naimer-Factory Ireland

Kraus & Naimer Production Ltd.,
Shannon, Ireland, 1973-2013

Kraus & Naimer-Factory Newzealand

Kraus & Naimer Production Ltd.,
Wellington, New Zealand, est'd 1978

Kraus & Naimer-Factory Brazil

Kraus & Naimer Ind. e Com. Ltda.,
São Paulo, Brazil, est'd 1979

Kraus & Naimer-Factory USA

Kraus & Naimer Production Inc.,
Somerset, NJ, U.S.A., est'd 1981

Kraus & Naimer-Factory Hungary Kraus & Naimer Kft.,
Pereszteg, Ungarn, est'd 2000


Kraus & Naimer was founded in 1907, the first workshop being set up in the basement of the building in Wattgasse 53, Vienna. Electricity had just started to conquer the world, but switchgear as we know it today did not yet exist.

Lorenz Naimer, the founder and financier, and his partner Franz Kraus, enthusiastically launched the experiment to manufacture special electrical devices.




Established 1907


Wattgasse 53
World War II

World War ll

Franz Kraus

Mr. Franz Kraus

Lorenz Naimer

Mr. Lorenz Naimer

By the early thirties, Kraus & Naimer had grown to 50 employees. In 1945, during the last days of World War II, the factory took a bomb hit in an air-raid and was heavily damaged. Mrs. Kraus perished in the shelter of the house.



Hubert Laurenz Naimer – The Pioneer

In 1946, Hubert Laurenz Naimer returned from war captivity to Vienna. A year later, after the death of his father, he had to quit his university studies in Graz to concentrate fully on rebuilding the company.

Thanks to his extraordinary abilities, the first modular cam switch was introduced shortly after and a global production and distribution net­work set up. After 57 years of hard and successful work, he passed away at the age of 82 on September 12, 2004.



Technical Innovation – Our Recipe for Success

Kraus & Naimer has pioneered many new developments. By the end of the twenties, we had already started to use the new material "Bakelite". The new "Bakelite switch" became known and accepted in the industry.

Modern tooling machines were bought in difficult economic and political situations.

The first modularly designed cam switch was introduced as early as 1949 and revolutionized switchgear technology, its characteristics influencing all subsequent designs.

Over the years, Kraus & Naimer has evolved as the undisputed market leader for cam switches and has established the standards for switch disconnectors. Based on numerous patents, the existing product line encompasses the global market place and offers technically and economically optimized solutions for virtually every application imaginable.


Joachim Laurenz Naimer

Mr. Joachim Laurenz Naimer
President of the Kraus & Naimer Group

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Hubert Laurenz Naimer

Mr. Hubert Laurenz Naimer





Bakelite Switch
Bakelite switch


First Cam Switch 1949
1949 - Cam switch